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Jens Erik Gould has formed multiple bands and performed as a solo artist around the world — in the U.S., France, Belgium, Venezuela and Mexico. He performed for years as a solo artist in bars and clubs in Los Angeles, releasing a folk-rock solo album titled Guns Down. Prior to this, he led the band The Isas, which regularly performed its rock-based original material in the bars of Mexico City as well as releasing an EP. Jens Erik Gould also formed the band Curious Few in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a project that released a self-titled full-length record. Jens has been performing ever since he played Beethoven piano recitals at the age of five.


Jens combined his musical and journalistic efforts in the web series Bravery Tapes, which tells stories of people who show courage in the face great hardship. He produces and directs the episodes, while also writing the music. Jens Erik Gould draws on more than 10 years of experience as a print, television and radio journalist reporting for TIME, Bloomberg, The New York Times and others.

Behind Jens Erik Gould's Music
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